Dark Horse by Gregg Hurwitz

I don’t read many thrillers.

Too over the top. End of the world drama.

But I tried the most recent book in the Orphan X series.

… at the age of 12, Evan Smoak was enrolled in a top-secret operation known as the “Orphan Program.”

He is the 24th recruit in the program and is known only as Orphan X.

The goal of the program is to train orphans so they can be assassins for government agencies. The program is shut down but Orphan X maintains access to the program’s funding and weapons.

In his 30s, Smoak begins freelancing as an assassin, using his skills to fight corruption in the form of vigilante justice

There were a few things I enjoyed in this story.

Joey, his hilarious and sassy teenage techie assistant.

OK. … That’s my only highlight.

I won’t be reading more Orphan X.

I quit this one at 66%.

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