Escape by James Patterson & David Ellis

The 3rd book in the Billy Harney series.

Patterson loves co-writing. This book does seem more sophisticated than his usual fare.

I credit David Ellis who is a practicing judge, the youngest-serving Justice of the Illinois Appellate Court for the First District. He’s a very successfully author on his own, as well.

Chicago’s #1 detective, Billy Harney, takes on a billionaire crime boss in this follow-on to James Patterson’s highly acclaimed, multi-million selling Black Book.

As Chicago’s special-ops leader Detective Billy Harney knows well, money is not the only valuable currency. The billionaire he’s investigating is down to his last twenty million. But he’s also being held in jail.

For now.

Billy’s unit is called to the jail when six inmates escape, and two others are missing. Two correctional officers are dead. Approaching the scene, Billy spots something in an empty lot …

I also enjoyed the first two in the series:

Black Book and Red Book.

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