BAD 1st impression – Birmingham

After a good flight from Canada, I arrived Birmingham during a booming rain storm. In the dark. Late Saturday night.

Stopping for a bite to eat, a local asked where I was going.

Liverpool, I replied.

He recommended I not stay long in Birmingham. 😀 Nothing to see here.

The empty, dark streets were a bit scary. directed me through a parking structure.

I was relieved to finally get to my hostel about 9pm.

NEXT morning, just across from the hostel was this street art. 😀

Crime in the City

It was a grungy part of town.

Weather improving — but still threatening.

Britannia ruled the waves because men wanted to find more sunshine. 😀


Normally I like weird cities.


But decided to flee Birmingham in fewer than 24 hours.

Birmingham Cathedral

En route to the train station, I did find one MUST SEE attraction.


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