Visiting Albufeira, Portugal

I hopped on a bus Lisbon ➙ Albufeira because it was the one major Algarve destination I’d not yet visited.

And it is great. More scenic than Faro or Lagos.

First night I found my favourite spot overlooking the OLD town. Below is where young tourists party.

Outdoor escalators make it easier for drunks in the OLD TOWN beach front to get back up to their accommodation. 😀

There’s an elevator as well on the other end of the beach.

This town is normally packed with tourists — but in November (winter!) many of the 100 restaurants on ‘The Strip’ are closed. And the beaches near empty.

My 3 star hotel charged only $30 / night in November.

Janelas do Mar, Albufeira

Here are some beach shots in daylight.

One of my favourite walks was from old town to the marina via these bright white stairs.

As this is primarily a tourist town, walking the rest of the city I found less interesting than — for example — Porto or Lisbon.

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