CARRIE SOTO IS BACK by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I’m no particular tennis fan, but this book did keep me going.

“The Bitch Is Back,” one of Carrie’s anthems.

It’s simplistically written. Something like a Young Adult novel.

But the pace makes for good storytelling. I do recommend it.

Carrie Soto is the best tennis player in the world, and she knows it. Her father, Javier, is a former tennis champion himself, and he’s dedicated his life to coaching her. By the time she retires in 1989, she holds the record for winning 20 Grand Slam singles titles.

But then, in 1994, Nicki Chan comes along. Nicki is on the verge of breaking Carrie’s record, and Carrie decides she can’t let that happen: She’s coming out of retirement, with her father coaching her, to defend her record…and her reputation. 

Kirkus Review

Themes of how women in sport are treated — compared with men.

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