Visiting Córdoba, Spain

There’s no beach.

But tourists still like to wander the narrow cobblestone streets of Córdoba, Andalusia.

Much Moorish and Roman architecture to admire. Córdoba has more World Heritage Sites than anywhere in the world, with four.

The centre of ancient Roman cities became the walled medina.

Interesting doorways and gates everywhere.

Of course there is no shortage of Catholic Churches.

And in this ideal climate, there are many parks. The Moors liked the smell of orange blossoms, so those trees are everywhere.

Tourists tend to spend most of their time in the old town. But I did end up walking some of the modern city, as well.

Me? I hung out mostly along the Guadalquivir river. There are many unsigned and unvisited historical buildings.

Best of all was the Roman Bridge at dusk.

I’ll remember Cordoba for the rest of my life.

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