Treasure State by C.J. Box

I waited months for the audio book to finally be available to me from my local library.

Unfortunately for me, this is the 6th book in his Cassie Dewell series. NOT another Joe Pickett, who I much prefer.

Montana Private Eye Cassie Dewell has two interesting sub-plots here:

  1. What happened to  J.D. Spengler, a PI from Florida who went missing in Montana?
  2. Where is ‘Marc Daly’, a conman who’s been swindling wealthy widows?

At the same time, folks are searching nearby for “Sir Scott’s Treasure” ➙ hidden gold. Treasure hunters are scouring the area based on clues in a poem.

Though it’s not Joe Pickett, this is a good read.

Despite the rather simplistic ending, I’d say it’s the best of the Cassie Dewell, so far.


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