Boys of Biloxi by John Grisham

The city of Biloxi, Mississippi beachfront lies directly on the Mississippi Sound,

We heard about it during Hurricane Katrina. Biloxi was one of the places most devastated. 53 died there during that storm.

It’s the setting of Grisham’s 2022 book, the Boys of Biloxi.

Classic Grisham, I’d say. Long. It spans decades. Legal wrangling.

I enjoyed the book though some feel it’s not quite up to his highest standards.

Grisham was born in Mississippi. He was a lawyer. Once again, he writes what he knows.

In this one two good friends from Biloxi, both baseball all-stars, become enemies for the rest of their lives.

One goes into the law. The other into crime.

During prohibition, Biloxi had plenty of illegal booze. Prostitution. Gambling. It was called the “poor man’s Riviera.” 

Grisham is a Baptist. And a Democrat. He opposes Capital Punishment, which is a theme in this book.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. A very entertaining interview.

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