Son of a Critch – TV and Book

Mark Critch (born May 14, 1974) is a Canadian comedian, actor, and writer.

He is best known for his work on the comedy series This Hour Has 22 Minutes, initially as a writer and then as a regular cast member beginning in 2003. …

In 2018, Critch announced the release of his early life memoir, Son of a Critch.

I found it hilarious. Funnier than Rick Mercer’s early memoir. Also in Newfoundland.

Next I watched Son of a Critch, a Canadian television comedy series, created by Mark Critch and Tim McAuliffe, based on the book. I watched it for free online, on CBC’s streaming platform, CBC Gem.

11-year-old Mark is growing up in 1980s Newfoundland, where he navigates starting junior high school, making friends, and connecting with the small collection of people in his limited world. Mark is a nerd.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Mark Critch plays Mike Critch, Mark’s father and reporter for radio station VOCM.

Malcolm McDowell plays Patrick “Pop” Critch, Mark’s grandfather.

Season 2 launches January 2023. I’m sure I’ll watch it too.

Son of a Critch is a good addition to the CanCon SitCom genre, easier watching even than Kim’s Convenience and Corner Gas.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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