No Plan B – Lee & Andrew Child

The 27th book in the Jack Reacher series was released October 2022.

I enjoyed it. As I enjoyed the rest of the audio books, most read by Dick Hill.

The worst thing I can say about No Plan B is that the audio book is read by Scott Brick, one of my least favourite narrators.

In this one Reacher deals with a gruesome private prison conspiracy in Mississippi. An interesting premise.

As usual, Jack Reacher stumbles into the situation.  He happens to see a woman murdered.  Pushed under a bus.  Chasing that killer leads him to another recent death in the town — a man believed to have died a natural death from a heart attack. 

He was also murdered.

Reacher books are typically very simple.  But the plot of this book is more complicated: 2 additional subplots that play out in parallel — until they intersect.  

If you like Reacher, you’ll like this book.

YES the story is absurd, as are they all. 😀

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