The Passenger by Cormac McCarthy

Cormac McCarthy has written 12 novels, mostly Western and post-apocalyptic genres. …

His 2006 novel The Road won the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

The Road was hard to read. But excellent.

You probably saw the film.

16 years after The Road, McCarthy published The Passenger (2022).

It’s literature — not easy to follow.

Perhaps I’m not smart enough to appreciate the plotless long sections of dialogue — with no action.

Philosophical. Diversions into the stupidity of the Vietnam war. The potential of science. Physics. War. The assassination of JFK. Formula 2 racing. Smart stuff that doesn’t relate in any way to the story.

The novel follows Bobby Western, a salvage diver, across the Gulf of Mexico and the American South. Western is haunted by his father’s contributions to the development of the atomic bomb. …

Following a salvage dive to recover any survivors from a submerged airplane, Western discovers that the pilot’s flight bag and data box are missing. Within a few days, he returns to his apartment to find two agents of some kind who ask questions …

Bobby goes on the run.

The love of his life was his sister Alicia, a mathematical prodigy and paranoid schizophrenic, who killed herself years before.

Guardian critic Xan Brooks praised the novel, calling it a “glorious sunset song of a novel… It’s rich and it’s strange, mercurial and melancholic.”

I probably won’t read the short sequel, Stella Maris.

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