Remember the Tom Lehrer Songs?

Tom Lehrer only recorded 37 songs. Performed only about 100 times.

The songs were FUNNY. Way ahead of his time.

In fact, Tom preferred teaching mathematics, lecturing at Harvard University and later at other schools.

His songs were intended to amuse himself and friends. Left leaning, he enjoying making fun of both left and right.

He paid $15 (equivalent to $152 in 2021) for some studio time in 1953 to record Songs by Tom Lehrer. The initial pressing was 400 copies. Radio stations would not air his songs because of his controversial subjects, so he sold the album on campus at Harvard for $3, equivalent to $30 in 2021.

Tom’s still with us. Now age-94. Born 1928 to a secular Jewish family, growing up in Manhattan.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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