Reality TV – The Climb

I’m not a fan of reality TV — but this show is good.

10 amateur climbers competing for a cash prize of $100,000 and $100,000 prAna sponsorship.

Less hype, more reality than similar shows. Plenty of respect. Not much faux outrage. No phoney drama.

No psychological warfare or sabotage.

The elimination round each episode is entertaining.

If you can only watch 1 episode, watch the last ➙ #10.

It’s upbeat and positive. I recommend it even for those who have no interest in rock climbing.

This show is presented for the non-climber. I learned a lot.

In fact, as I hiker my tendency is to dismiss climbers — especially mountain climbers — as egomaniac masochists. They get far more media attention than hikers.

Jason Mamoa is 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m) — 250 pounds. Not really the right build. But the man loves climbing anyway. He makes celebrity appearances. And this show is Jason’s baby.

Host Chris Sharma is legend in the sport. And they brought in another legend, Meagan Martin, to assist him. Meagan’s famous for American Ninja Warrior, Pole Vault, and Climbing.

Cat Runner, one of the competitors, is small. Light is good. But short doesn’t help in climbing. Cat identifies as transgender, one reason he’s a climber — an activity where gender doesn’t matter.

I was cheering for him before finding out he was trans. I was cheering for Cat because he was shortest in a sport where it helps to have long limbs. Reach.

Cat’s from Kentucky, one of the many U.S. states where ReTrumplican politicians are proposing anti-LGBTQ and/or anti-trans legislation in an effort to prove they are more horrible human beings than their next GOP primary challenger. Intolerant A-holes all.

Cat organized the Queer Climber’s Network.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.


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