I strongly agree with BORAT

Sacha Baron Cohen:

Facebook spreads hate, conspiracy and lies.

Those who deny the Holocaust, for example, help enable the next one.

Facebook should be legislated by governments.

donating / volunteering in Nepal

Nepal is still one of the poorest nations in the world.

While there in 2019 I attended a fund-raiser called Warm Clothes & Warm Hearts.

Loved the simplicity of this project. They deliver Nepali-made down jackets to children in high, cold, remote parts of the country. Some years they deliver shoes / socks also.

100% of your donation goes directly to purchasing children’s clothing. Overhead and administration costs are covered by a separate fund.

Learn more about Warm Clothes & Warm Hearts.

The organization, out of Pokhara, called karmaflights.org has many more charitable projects. I recommend them if you want to donate or volunteer.

The New Girl by Daniel Silva

The 19th book in the Gabriel Allon series. It’s excellent. I listened to it twice, in fact.

Published July 16, 2019, it’s up-to-date with current world politics. A Jewish perspective. For example, a stable Saudi Arabia is better for Israel than a reckless Kingdom.

It starts with a kidnapping of the daughter of Khalid bin Mohammed, the much-maligned crown prince of Saudi Arabia.

He’s a fictionalized version of Mohammad bin Salman. In the book, responsible for the assassination of a journalist, similar to Jamal Khashoggi.

That murder  is compared with Henry II of England who had Thomas Becket killed.

Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?

Bizarrely, the next King of Saudi Arabia turns to Gabriel Allon, legendary chief of Israeli intelligence to solve the abduction. An interesting plot device — but totally unbelievable.

Who’s behind the kidnapping? 

What’s their real motivation?

Daniel Silva returns most of our favourite characters from the past few books.






Stuttgart Animal Prison

Wilhelma is a zoologicalbotanical garden in Stuttgart  … around 11,500 animals from around the world …

I’ve got mixed feelings when visiting zoos. I’m ASSuming it’s worth locking up these bored inmates to bring attention to the survivors in the wild.

I found this zoo to be a bit cramped. And — like Europe — about 30% under renovation.

They do have two snow leopards.