Shrinking – season 1

Funny dialogue.

These writers must have been having a great time.

I’d give him housing in my … V or A. 😀

A therapist, Jimmy Laird, dealing with severe grief, begins to breach ethical barriers by telling his patients what he completely thinks, resulting in massive changes to his and their lives. …

Kristen Baldwin of Entertainment Weekly gave the series a B+ and described the series as “a funny, brainy grief-com about the power—and dangers—of radical honesty.” …

Writing for The Wall Street Journal, John Anderson stated, “The overall sense is a little like laughing at a funeral; the human impulses are familiar, a little perverse and somehow comforting.”


Harrison Ford? A comic? Who knew? 😀

I do find the show to be unnecessarily profane. In fact, I finally QUIT on episode 4. That much swearing in a TV show is simply lazy.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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