Phone Etiquette in 2018

I’m still trying to get a handle on how best to use my new phone.

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Oh CHRIST … let us adore him

Rockin’ Ronnie turns 60 today.

I knew Rockin’ Ronnie before he was famous.

Before he was the self-proclaimed King of Barbecue, in High School Ron was Safeway’s produce guy.

Of my friends, he was the first foodie.

He cooked the first truly great hamburger I’d ever eaten.

Alcohol abuse?

AA refused him membership, I seem to recall. Irredeemable they called him.


Now that Hef is gone, Ron is one of the few old harassers not yet under police investigation. 🙂

I first met Ron in Grade 7. He and family were already producing radio dramas on tape. An early podcaster.

He was into music too at a young age. I vividly recall the day he phoned to tell me to cycle over as fast as I could. He’d acquired Queen II (1974) – “Side White” and “Side Black”. He rightly called them genius.

Ron convinced me to buy a subscription to Rolling Stone.

Though I was the jock, Ron Shewchuk certainly took part in some epic athletic adventures. Hiking, cycling and very long runs out of Rocko’s farm.

cliff jumping an alpine lake

Ron Shewchuk has been one of the 3-4 people who influenced me most over my lifetime. I do appreciate that. And I do want to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK.

He should be a wreck by New Year’s Eve.:-)

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