Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!

Seen in Caleta Tortel, Chile


Hard Luck Hank – Stank Delicious

I love Hank. He’s so dumb. The books so smart.

The audio book narrator Liam Owen is perfect.

Book 5 mocks professional sport. In Hank’s universe by far the most popular spectator spectacle is Super Class Glocken. The rules are hilariously bizarre. Players of different weight classes must carry or throw heavy weights across the goal line … trying not to get killed by defenders.

It’s brilliant.

Like many fans I was sad when the book ended. So read it twice!

The author, Steven Campbell, has published book 6. And is working on book 7.

Sadly being one of my favourite authors doesn’t pay enough to make a living. He’s trying to fund Hard Luck Hank via Patreon.