Storm Watch by C.J. Box

I have to wait a year for each new novel in the Joe Pickett series. 

#23 Storm Watch dropped Feb. 28th, 2023. 

It went to #1 on the NY Times list as well as Publishers Weekly.

All of these books are good. And Storm Watch is as good as the best

Fans like me love Joe and his family. Good people in the midst of rightwing, rural Wyoming. 

And we are intrigued by his buddy Nate Romanowski, a rogue falconer.

When a prominent University of Wyoming professor goes missing, authorities are stumped. That is, until Joe Pickett makes two surprising discoveries while hunting down a wounded elk on his district as an epic spring storm descends upon him. 

First, he finds the professor’s vehicle parked on a remote mountainside. Then Joe finds the professor’s frozen and mutilated body. 

When he attempts to learn more, his investigation is obstructed by federal agents, extremists, and Governor Colter Allen.

Nate Romanowski is rebuilding his falconry company—and financing this through crypto mining with the assistance of Geronimo Jones. 

He’s then approached by a shadowy group of local militant activists that is gaining in power and influence, and demanding that Wyoming join other western states and secede from the union—by force, if necessary. ..

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It’s quite surprising that a TV series based on these books has happened yet. One recent attempt was quashed by Box

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