The Leftovers – season 3

Critics love this TV series for its originality and courage.

Frontal nudity.

But I find it embarrassingly weird for weird sake at times.

In season 3 the most compelling character is Scott Glenn as Kevin Garvey, Justin Theroux‘s (Kevin Garvey) father. He’s great. Very believable.

Inexplicably, the show moves from Texas to Australia a week before the seventh anniversary of the Sudden Departure when 2% of the world’s population had disappeared without explanation.

Season 3 does have some super memorable scenes. I’ll never forget the hotel room book burning in episode four. Film students need study how that was done.

This is a show that’s impossible to end — wrapping up all the loose ends. Yet the finale was one of the best scenes of all. Well done.

Overall, however — I’d say season 3 is weakest. IF you wanted to watch this show at all, season 1 would be best.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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