I Voted NDP by Mail

As I was going to be out of town on Alberta election day — May 29, 2023 — I voted by mail. Early.

And It was easy to vote by mail. I could write in the candidate running in my riding, or the Party.

I was voting against the unelected premier Danielle Smith as she’s untrustworthy and a rightwing whacko. The NDP is the only alternative that MIGHT form the next government so I voted for Rachel Notley.

I joined the provincial Party, as well.

IF unelected whacko Danielle Smith manages to lose in historically conservative Alberta, she’ll certainly claim a BIG LIE as she’s a fan of Trump and DeSantis.

Of course Trump voted by mail multiple times in recent years, while simultaneously claiming mail fraud in any state he lost. 😀

Here’s my putting my ballot in the mailbox.

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