Persons of Interest by Peter Grainger

Grainger self-publishes. Kindle and Audio only, as I post.

I highly recommend the DC Smith Investigation Series;

  • Book 1: An Accidental Death: A DC Smith Investigation
  • Book 2: But for the Grace: A DC Smith Investigation
  • Book 3: Luck and Judgement: A DC Smith Investigation
  • Book 4: Persons of Interest: A DC Smith Investigation
  • Book 5: In This Bright Future: A DC Smith Investigation
  • Book 6: The Rags of Time: A DC Smith Investigation

Those are the first six of 10 up to 2023. Grainger recommends you read them in series as the characters evolve. Smith keeps trying to retire.

DC Smith is one of my favourite characters in fiction. Super competent. Very funny. Dry British humour.

These are police procedurals with no profanity, sex, nor much violence.

In the peace and tranquillity of the woods at Pinehills on a Saturday afternoon, a mobile phone begins to ring. The phone belongs to DC Smith and it isn’t unusual that the call is from Kings Lake Central police station; what is unusual is the fact that he seems to be the subject of an investigation rather than taking part in one.

What can the links be between a prisoner’s violent death in another county, the disappearance of two teenagers and the highest profile case in Kings Lake for many years?

As Smith and his team begin to untangle the threads, one thing becomes clear – they are dealing with some of the most dangerous people that they have yet encountered.


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