Vancouver’s 1st POD hostel

I’ve stayed in a number of pods over the years.

BEST was in the Canary Islands – Atypicap Capsule Hostel. USD $26.15 / night.

The worst nation in the world for accommodation options is Canada. And Vancouver one of the most expensive cities.

So I was enthusiastic to try the new Panda Pod Hotel near the airport.

Reviews are pretty good on TripAdvissor.

It’s ideal for someone who has a layover at the Vancouver airport — and who wants to get some sleep and a shower.

I’ll definitely be staying there in future.

Easy transportation via train.

Cost is about USD $61. Expensive for a hostel bed, but not expensive compared with other options in Vancouver. A friend got a room in a Richmond AirBnB for not much more, however.

It’s one big room full of independent bunk beds. A bit crowded.

Luggage storage is convenient. First item free, second piece will be charged at $5 per night per item. HOWEVER — they won’t store a bike or bike box. I had to take a taxi back to the airport and check it into airport luggage storage. (Maximum 48 hours).

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