Yotel sleeping pod Gatwick airport

Planning on yet another overnight in an airport, I caved and booked a room instead. I couldn’t resist trying a Japanese-style capsule hotel which can be booked for blocks of 4 hours.

Free Wi-Fi, free hot drinks, monsoon shower, TV, 24-hour front desk. Great service.

It sounded inexpensive at 52 pounds. Sadly that’s over C$100. :-(

Yotel Gatwick

home-made Christmas presents are best

Wei works in a factory in Yiwu, eastern China, coating polystyrene snowflakes with red powder. He wears a Christmas hat to protect his hair, and goes through at least six face masks a day.

According to the Chinese government press agency, 600 factories in Yiwu produce around 60 percent of the world’s Christmas decorations. The factories are staffed largely by migrant laborers, who work 12-hour days for between 270 and 400 euros a month. Wei, who comes from rural Guizhou, 1,500 kilometers away, is not entirely sure what Christmas is, but thinks that it is a foreigners’ form of Chinese New Year.

click to see source ... or open image in another tab to see larger version

click to see source … or open image in another tab to see larger version

I saw that award winning photo at the 58th World Press Photo contest exhibition in London.

stop logging the Ghost watershed

I signed a Change.org page:

Petitioning Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, Honourable and 2 others

Call for an immediate moratorium on logging in the Ghost Watershed.

Ghost watershed

Anna Glaser’s family has a vacation home in the Ghost. Spray Lake Sawmills wants to cut down as many trees as possible. Spray Lake Sawmills is the bad guy. :(

Here’s Anna’s take on the situation – Ghost Stories

Here are Anna’s family and friends of the Ghost protesting.