America’s lost oomph

The Economist posted on how the greatest economy in the world in the 1990s got so feeble by 2014.

lost oomph

Points include:

- America’s broken immigration system.

- Obamacare, though good in other respects, tends to shrink the labour force …

- outdated social safety net

- (the USA) has not raised the retirement age

- allowed its disability-insurance system to become an ersatz welfare scheme

… the odds rise that America’s economy will continue to lumber along at an underwhelming pace, and Americans will have no one to blame but their leaders.

America’s lost oomph

Worse, I see little chance for any serious reform over the next 2 years under Obama.

And not much more chance under President Clinton. As things worsen in America, voters will lash out by voting against the President’s Party in mid-term elections.

More gridlock.


anti-immigration Americans

The USA is a land of immigrants and descendants of immigrants.

Yet many Americans are anti-immigration. Especially Muslim immigration.

In the past other immigrants were despised. My own grandparents all moved to Canada from Ireland. I assume they were none too popular, when they first arrived, with the residents of southern Alberta.

More Americans are against illegal immigration. I would count myself amongst them. It’s not fair for immigrants to jump the queue.

However, if your heart goes out to one of those El Salvador children at the American border, I’d urge you to donate to relief agencies. Even to adopt.

This cartoon on Facebook ended up drawing some interesting comments.

USA immigration

The American border situation right now is a dilemma.

A new law needs be passed. The current law does not work.

Congress must pass that law first. The President must then sign it.

They have no excuse not to get that done immediately. Vote out any Congressman who does not act on this issue.


related – Laura Ingraham is a hateful bitch

Of all right wing idiot pundits, Ingraham is worst in my experience:

“No. 1, first thing you do is start deporting people, not by the hundreds, not by the dozens, by the thousands,” the conservative radio talk show host said. “That means entire families, not just the father or mother, but we keep families unified by deporting all people who are here illegally.”

Bill O’Reilly:

“I do believe that if you do mass deportations … that the Republican Party would become obsolete, that it would ensure Hillary Clinton’s election in 2016 because demographics don’t add up.”

“That’s the left’s argument,” Ingraham said in response. “You are adopting the argument of the left.”

O’Reilly pointed out that other Republicans, such as Sen. John McCain of Arizona and strategist Karl Rove share the argument. …


Bryce Courtenay’s Australian trilogy

I’ve now finished all three:

The Potato Factory (1995)
Tommo & Hawk (1997)
Solomon’s Song (1999)

Quite good.

“This is the story of two families – branches of the Solomons – transported to an alien land, both of whom eventually grow rich and powerful but who, through three generations, never for one moment relinquish their hatred for each other.

It is also the story of our country from the beginning until we came of age as a nation. …

Solomon’s Song

Aussie Trilogy

Born in South Africa, the trilogy is Courtenay’s “love letter to his adopted homeland”.

The author died in 2012.


ELF – solar / pedal bike hybrid

The ELF is a solar and pedal hybrid vehicle powered by you and the sun.

“The most efficient vehicle on the planet”, it is a revolution in transportation and gets the equivalent of 1800 MPG.

Hand built in the USA, the ELF is legally a bicycle, so it can travel on bike paths, park on sidewalks and requires no gas, license, registration or insurance. It can travel up to 20 mph on electric power only and up to 30 mph when combined with pedaling. It can hold more than a dozen bags of groceries and can handle an amazing 350 lb. payload. …

read more

Doug Davis just got one.


Click PLAY to hear the story on YouTube.

split the USA into 2 nations?

Quebec has twice had a referendum on whether to split from Canada.

The proposal was to have a primarily French Canada and a primarily English Canada. Some regions – First Nations, for example – would decide which to join.

There are pros and cons to a separate French Canada.

There are pros and cons to dividing the USA, as well. It wouldn’t be easy, but WHAT IF you suddenly had a Red USA and a Blue USA. The other coloured States would have a referendum as to which they want to join.


Texans might vote to form a 3rd nation.

At any time, a State might vote to move from Blue to Red, or Red to Blue.

Personally, I feel it is an insanely stupid idea where almost everyone would be worse off in a very few years.