Nazi Party rally grounds, Nuremberg

Recall the egomaniac psychopath who convinced normal people to elect him?

The ‘great and unmatched’ wannabe dictator.

Trump is not Hitler. Hitler was worse. Hitler was smarter. 

Trump is a pathetic comedy version — more like Charlie Chaplin.

Charlie Chaplin

Much of the NAZI rally footage we’ve seen comes from Nuremberg.

Trump dreams of rallies like this.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

An estimated 200,000 people each year visit the Nazi party rally grounds. It’s crumbling, in fact.

Germans documented everything and most of that documentation survived.

I visited the Nazi Party Rally Grounds Documentation Center, one of those storehouses. They have the name of every Jew, Gypsy, Homosexual, political opponent put on a train to a death camp, for example.

IF you’ve been somehow duped into believing the Holocaust didn’t happen, NEVER speak to me again. You are a moron.

related – Like it or not, Nuremberg’s Nazi past is a tourist attraction


Nuremberg walking tour

I joined a walking tour of Nuremberg Old Town: Hauptmarkt, historic Albrecht Dürer House, and spectacular twin-towered 14th-century Gothic St. Lawrence Church.

The highlight was a fine climb and visit to the castle.

Here are some photos.

Tour Guide
Europe ALWAYS under renovation

Albrecht Dürer – selfie for his prospective bride


Stuttgart Animal Prison

Wilhelma is a zoologicalbotanical garden in Stuttgart  … around 11,500 animals from around the world …

I’ve got mixed feelings when visiting zoos. I’m ASSuming it’s worth locking up these bored inmates to bring attention to the survivors in the wild.

I found this zoo to be a bit cramped. And — like Europe — about 30% under renovation.

They do have two snow leopards.

tourists like Stuttgart

Its urban area has a population of 634,830,  making it the sixth largest city in Germany. … 

It is spread across a variety of hills (some of them covered in vineyards), valleys (especially around the Neckar river and the Stuttgart basin) and parks. This often surprises visitors who associate the city with its reputation as the “cradle of the automobile“. The city’s tourism slogan is “Stuttgart offers more”. …

My first visit, I can confirm what I’ve always heard: Stuttgart is a good tourist destination.

I took one of the two hop-on, hop-off bus tours — a nice way to get a feel for the town.

The first Waldorf school is here.

Schlossgarten and green spaces in the centre make it feel a smaller town than 600,000. The centre pedestrian malls are very walkable.

Click PLAY or see some of the highlights on YouTube.

Stuttgart Library

The Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart is the public library of the city of Stuttgart. In 2013, it received the national award as Library of the Year.

You’ve seen it on those lists of World’s most beautiful libraries.

TripAdvisor has it ranked #2 of 181 things to do in Stuttgart! I wouldn’t go that far. But it is free. And gorgeous.

As if Apple designed a library. Minimalist and white.

tenting World Gymnastics Championships

Worlds in Stuttgart was problematic as it coincided with a beer festival with 4 million attendees!

Not being able to get ANY accommodation at any reasonable price anywhere near the venue, I decided to tent.

I stayed at Campingground “Cannstatter Wasen” about 17 minutes walk from the competition.

As campgrounds go, it was lousy. But at 17 Euro / night, a bargain.

I tucked my Hubba under a concrete lip to keep the rain off.

Security was good. Showers hot. Laundry good.

I kept my worldly goods locked up at the competition media venue.

Happily the campground only got busy with drunken beer louts on weekends.

All in all, a good decision. I’ll tent again in future if accommodation is troublesome.

LAST NIGHT of the beer festival.