trash removal in Buenos Aires

As I travel I’m always interested to see how trash is removed / recycled.

Huaraz, Peru was one of the best I’ve seen.

For a huge city, Buenos Aires seems to do a good job. The trash guys and their trucks are efficient and quick.

Their job is made easier by the cartoneros, which literally means “cardboard people”.

These are mostly young, fit, motivated guys who dash around city streets late evening sorting through dumpsters with metal hooks collecting cardboard for recycling. (Along with other valuables, I assume.)

It seems very competitive. There are a couple of cartoneros working each street.


my Buenos Aires dental vacation

I lost a dental bridge while hiking Aconcagua base camp.

Searching online one clinic looked best in Argentina. They cater to foreign visitors. Their English language page is welcoming.

Dental DAS Group Argentina 

On the other hand, DAS didn’t not reply to my online inquiry. In fact only 2 of about 10 dentists responded.

I walked in the door unexpected at 10am on a Monday morning. I walked out at 2pm Monday afternoon with a rush order for my replacement bridge to be installed same week.

How long would this have taken in Canada? How many appointments?

I returned Thursday to check the fit. And determine colour.

Friday it was to be installed … but the enamel was not thick enough to be carved down to the correct size.

Rats. 🤨

Rather than 5 days total the procedure would take 12 days. I’d been warned about this possibility at the start.

So … with 6 days free I decided to take the ferry over to Uruguay for Carnival.

In the States, Bridges cost $700 to $1,500 / tooth. They last between 10 – 20 years. I’m hoping this one will see me out.

This brother and sister team of dentists get rave reviews from foreigners. I’d recommend them, as well. Everyone in the office is good looking. I felt like I was on some Dental Reality TV program.

After 5 nights in Uruguay I returned for the final fitting. It worked!

Cost is higher than in Mexico. Lower than in Canada or the U.S.

  • Consultation $40
  • Cleaning $40
  • Root Canal $531
  • (long)  Bridge $2342

TOTAL U.S. $2953 (CAD $3726)

My guess is that a Canadian dentist would have strongly advised implants.

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I finally got to Carnival

Uruguayan Carnival is a popular festival that takes place every year in Uruguay from mid January to late February …

Carnival in Montevideo is very different from carnival celebrations in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil …

Most countries that celebrate Carnival for one week. But in Uruguay the party lasts for over a month.

I just missed it in Montevideo, but had a good close look at Carnival in Colonia, Uruguay. Sat for at least an hour on cobblestones on the street as the dancers passed.

There are beautiful women — and men — on display. But it seemed to me any extrovert willing to put on an outlandish costume or beat on a drum can join one of the troops. Any age. Any body type. All in good fun.

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final photos from Montevideo

Uruguay is tranquil and peaceful compared with Buenos Aires across the river.

Montevideo is the capital and largest city of Uruguay.  …

The 2017 Mercer’s report on quality of life, rated Montevideo first in Latin America, a rank the city has consistently held since 2005. …

It’s surprisingly clean … though I did see a few cockroaches and one dead rat. #Port


Most nights I sipped tinto and enjoyed the sunset.

cycling Montevideo, Uruguay

In most Spanish speaking nations I would call this a malecón. A stone-built embankment or esplanade along a waterfront.

The Rambla of Montevideo is the avenue that goes all along the coastline of MontevideoUruguay … 

… over 13.7 uninterrupted miles (22.2 km) …

Tourists in Montevideo see the sights by walking, running or cycling. Cycling is best. There’s much to see along the Rambla.

I rented a cheap bike from the hostel one day. Two hours out I got a flat. One hour 20 minutes walking back.

Another day I rented a GOOD bike from the leading rental company. $10 / 4 hours. No flat.

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