… on male privilege

I doubt any human has had life easier than me — a white, male, heterosexual Canadian born 1957.

Talk about privilege.

Any man calling himself victim to the women’s rights movement is an idiot. And a snowflake. 😀

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Where are LIBRARIES headed?

I spend a lot of time in libraries. They are good. But could be much better.

Eric Klinenberg spent a year researching libraries for his book Palaces for the People.

How Social Infrastructure Can Help Fight Inequality, Polarization, and the Decline of Civic Life

Social infrastructure is the glue that binds communities together, and it is just as real as the infrastructure for water, power, or communications, although it’s often harder to see.

But Eric Klinenberg says that when we invest in social infrastructures such as libraries, parks, or schools, we reap all kinds of benefits. We become more likely to interact with people around us, and connected to the broader public. If we neglect social infrastructure, we tend to grow more isolated, which can have serious consequences.

Calgary Public Library

I heard Klinenberg interviewed on the 99% Invisible podcast. His argument was compelling.

I’d love to see libraries expand their programs. Increase the hours they are open.

Libraries are unofficial sanctuaries for street people, at least during daylight. That should be formalized.

Libraries could be much, much better.

Camino Island by John Grisham

Loved it. Especially the ending.

It was nice to see a female protagonist. I found Mercer Mann to be quite believable.

I’ve put library holds on more Grisham books for the future.

Camino Island (2017) is a departure from Grisham’s main subject of legal thrillers and focuses on stolen rare books. Grisham made his first extensive book tour in 25 years ….

The book begins with the theft of five rare F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscripts from the Firestone Library at Princeton University and then embarks on a journey to a resort town on a Florida island in search of clues about the heist …


The Whistler by John Grisham

The Whistler (2016) is a legal thriller with a female protagonist, investigator Lacy Stoltz.

The plot centers on the legal and moral problems involved in Native American gaming. …

Lacy’s a lawyer working for the 7 person Florida Board on Judicial Conduct. They investigate complaints about judges.

The story is interesting.

Grisham is always good. But this book I found slightly too complicated. And a little slow.

NY Times review: “… Without exactly being repetitious, he makes this story longer than it has to be …”


COMPETITION improves the world

Corporations want to be monopolies. Then raise prices as high as they want.

Consumers want competition.

Sadly there’s LESS competition today than in the past. At this rate Amazon will have all the money.

  • Four have 70% of airline flights. (hat tip: The Economist)
  • Four companies control 66% of U.S. hogs slaughtered in 2015, 85% of the steer, and half the chickens. (h/t Open Markets Institute)
  • Four companies control 85% of U.S. corn seed sales, up from 60% in 2000.
  • Three companies control about 80% of mobile telecoms.


I MIGHT support governments breaking up some of the largest corporations, even if it’s for the wrong reasons.

golfing with Ron

I quit Golf sometime during the last century. Too expensive. Too time consuming.

But when Rockin’ Ronnie got back in the game I finally brought my clubs out to the left coast. We got in 27 holes. It was fun.

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The highlight for me was a Par 3 birdie. In fact I had not even one other Par on the other 26 holes.

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