I have seen the future. And it is 3D.

When I was a young man, Gord Starchuk introduced me to a hip Irish Band. Their Album was called War.

Ever since, I’ve been a big fan of U2.

Bono may be preachy. But in rock music, who’s done more to improve the world? (U2 made it BIG at the same time as Bruce Springstein. But what’s Bruce done to change the world?)

I very much recommend you go see the new IMAX film U2 3D.

It’s fantastic. One I’ll include on my very short list of BEST concert movies:

Prince – Sign of the Times
The Band – The Last Waltz
Talking Heads – Stop Making Sense
Neil Young – Heart of Gold

(What am I missing?)

A rave review:

In fact, watching U2 3D—a concert film shot using digital 3-D multicamera technology during the South American leg of the band’s Vertigo tour—projected onto the museum’s giant Imax screen is perhaps the next best thing to actually being within fingers’ reach of the Edge’s ubiquitous wool cap. …

But U2 3D’s true achievement comes less from its cool gimmicks and perfect simulation of an environment than from the effect this optical illusion has on your perception of the band itself: The sensation of physical proximity imparts a newfound feeling of immediacy to the songs, making the delivery of every lyric feel fresh, heartfelt, almost raw. Even if you don’t wholeheartedly buy the politics of the man in the cool shades and blazer, when Bono belts out “Sunday Bloody Sunday” onscreen, it’s like falling in love all over again with the band. Goosebumps included.


At times you feel you’re in a hologram. You can reach arms length and clean the smudge off Bono’s famous glasses. The potential for 3D technology is mind boggling.

Bono’s self-admittedly only an average vocalist. But Edge is one of greatest, innovative guitar stylists ever.


official movie website


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  1. I would add Neil Young’s recent concert film, Heart of Gold, to that list. It’s awesome. And let’s not forget Woodstock.

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