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photos from Haida Gwaii

Talk at the coffee shop the morning I was in Charlotte City was all about rumours that the ferry to the mainland would be closed for a month or two this Spring. Major work needs done on the pilings, some say.

Old-timers (like old-timers everywhere) wrongly and profanely claimed they didn’t need the ferry. Life was better before the ferry came to Haida Gwaii.


At the granola health food coffee shop across the street, regulars were giddy with the idea of doing some tire-tubing behind a pick-up truck on the highway. All this snow is a novelty in a part of the world where glaciers never reached during any ice age.


We had some doubts whether the plane would land. It did.


I’ll be back for kayaking one day.

more pics from my one day trip to Haida Gwaii

0 thoughts on “photos from Haida Gwaii”

  1. I really like those photos, Rick. I think my favourite may be the last one, looking down at the tops of mountains with lots of shadows on them, but I also like the photos you take pictures of stuff that other people might disregard, like the one of the crows at the garbage or the the board saying “Kids Don’t Float” and offering the free loan of a PFD. How much that says about the place!

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