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no one reads your stupid tweets

Kate has a hilarious post mocking me and the rest of the social not-workers

O brave new world, that has such bloggers in it

No need to click through. Kate’s point, if she has a point, is that people are busy producing digital content … that nobody ever sees.


Are you twittering today with your Me-Myself-and-iPhone?


2 thoughts on “no one reads your stupid tweets”

  1. Mockery is a delicate art and, like nitroglycerin, is best handled in transit by children or very old people in case it explodes.

    I think there should be a food-bloggers summit with Kate as guest so that this incident becomes a ‘teaching moment’ for all of us. We’ll blog about it and upload it to YouTube. We’ll agree to disagree.

    Of course, I want that t-shirt. Because deep down inside I’m afraid that no one reads my stupid tweets, either.

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