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Roger Ebert, Arianna Huffington and many other serious writers used the word blog when they mean post. … That’s wrong.
You’ve got no cred as a blogger when you make that mistake. 😊
1. a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.
2. add new material to or regularly update a blog.
“it’s about a week since I last blogged”


WHY I switched from Bluehost to WordPress.com

Finally. All my sites are on WordPress.com. Happy. Happy. 🙂

WordPress.com is a blog web hosting service provider owned by Automattic and powered by the open source WordPress software.

This website provides free blog hosting for registered users and is financially supported via paid upgrades, “VIP” services and advertising. …

Registration is not required to read or comment …

Some notable clients include CNN, CBS, BBCReuters, Sony, Fortune.com and Volkswagen. It is estimated that more than 40% of internet bloggers use WordPress as their publishing platform. ..

Click PLAY or see how it works on YouTube.

I’ve been sending money to Bluehost every month for years. It is still rated one of the best hosts though I’ve been dissatisfied from the start.

Bluehost sites frequently go down.

When you inquire why, they blame the customer. 😦

Seems Bluehost is unable to keep servers shared by many people secure. WordPress.com has almost never been hacked.

One guy at Bluehost is super. Matt Greenwood <mattgreenwood@bluehost.com> If you MUST host on a for profit server, I’d recommend you contact him.

WordPress.com is by far the best of the free web hosting services. I do pay for some add-on services with WordPress.com. Happy to support that excellent company

I'm recommending WordPress.com, not WordPress.org
I’m recommending WordPress.com, not WordPress.org

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – What’s the Difference?

new WordPress app

love WordPress and recommend it to one and all.

But like pretty much every veteran user, I hated their new “Beep Beep Boop editor” when it was introduced.

Fish of Gold explains why:

There was so much outcry that WordPress kept in the old editor as an alternative. I use the old editor.

Click PLAY or watch it on the WordPress blog.

The CEO Matt:

The interface, however, has been a struggle. …

an incremental approach wouldn’t give us the improvements we needed …

Instead, they decided to launch an app. On Mac first. Here are the highlights:

click for larger version
click for larger version

This is my first post using the WordPress.com app for Mac. Seems to work quite well. 🙂

Retrosi on Simplicity

‘A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.’ ~Henry David Thoreau

… what would happen if I uncluttered my life.

A life uncluttered by most of the things people fill their lives with, and left with space for what really matters. A life that isn’t constant busy-ness and rushing, but contemplation and creation, connection with people I love and time for nature and activity.

That doesn’t mean I have zero clutter and zero complications: I’m a part of the world, not a secluded monk. I have possessions, electronics, distractions, and occasional busy-ness. I just would reduce it to make space for things of more importance. …


That’s from a Gymnastics friend of mine, Tony Retrosi.


He’s preaching to the converted in my case. 🙂

One point in that post hit home more than any other:

• Your attention is your most valuable possession. Give it as a gift to the people you love most, not a bunch of clowns on the Internet. Give it to the work that matters most, not distractions. …

Got it.