economics, government

in defence of the French strikers

GOOD NEWS – the tug and pull between labour and management is still healthy in France.

I tried to take a train from Amsterdam to Portugal. It was possible, but tricky, since all the French trains are parked. In the end, I was forced to fly.

My previous train journey had me taking an Italian sleeper train to Paris, … dashing from one rail station to the next by public bus, … and connecting to a Dutch train to Amsterdam. All the French trains were on strike.

Yep, I missed my connection.

But if tourists need suffer to maintain the right of comrades to protest of the government increasing the retirement age from 60 to 62 (MERDE!), so be it.

Worse, age for pension from age 65 to 67. (MERDE MERDE!)

A car was set on fire as students and policemen clashed in Nanterre, a suburb of Paris, France on Oct. 18.

Sarkozy, are you an enemy of the people? … Off with your head.

Hey … You can’t make an omelette in France without smashing the chicken coop to smithereens for a few weeks.

Joie de Vie, mon Cheminots amis. I sing L’Internationale with you.

Note: Other travelers, like my friend Blythe, teaching English in France, are not nearly so open minded as moi.

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