This American Life – RETRACTION

This guy’s a liar. Or is he just taking artistic license?

This weekend, esteemed radio program “This American Life” aired “Retraction” — a stunning refutation of its most popular episode ever — “Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory“, which aired on January 6.

A “Marketplace” investigation has revealed that Mike Daisey fabricated or exaggerated aspects of the stage play upon which the segment is based. …

The crimes of the Chinese, Foxconn, Mike Daisey and ourselves

It’s a fascinating story. But the most interesting aspect of all is how superbly This American Life handled the retraction. I listened to the hour long show twice.


If you’ve no time to listen to hour long podcasts, here’s a quick summary:

‘This American Life’ Issues Stunning Retraction On Show Critical Of Apple, Foxconn

This will go down as one of the best examples ever of how media should handle stories later proven to be untrue.

It’s fair to the liar. Well done Ira Glass.

Journalism lives.


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