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food in Yemen

I stayed at the posh Sheba hotel, gorging on two buffet meals daily.

Mornings I enjoyed a pot of Arabian coffee with hot milk. Omelette with Foul (Fūl medammis) and all manner of sides.


Fresh fruit and yogurt. Sweet lassi the mornings it was available. Staff at Sheba are mostly Hindi.


On every dinner plate was hummus. … And six or seven mains.

Deserts are fantastic in the Middle East. I’d sample 4-5 each night, always including variations of bread pudding.

My guide and translator, Malik, likes a local tea shop.

tea shop

Yemenis take their tea seriously, and while Yemen may be the birthplace of coffee, it is tea that reigns king amongst hot beverages here. Drinking tea in Sana’a is more than just getting a caffeine fix. It is a way to watch the world go by, see friends socially, and let go after a long day …


Malik and I would stop, too, for inexpensive mashed potatoes. Super popular here.

Yemen potatoes

A number of healthy topping are available: salt, pepper, chilli, tomato sauce, etc.

The most impressive street food is hot bread.

Check the hand speed of the cook.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

more street food photos

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