Central Park restaurant, Sighisoara, Romania

Lonely Planet told me Central Park was the best splurge in town.

Myself and a German chap who I met on the train from the European Championships both ordered the same thing: Romanian red wine, Romanian pork & beans soup in a bread bowl and Romanian stew with polenta.

Excellent. But we couldn’t finish the meal. The bread bowl itself was bigger than my head.

I enjoyed the restaurant so much I returned the next night again ordering a traditional Romanian pork and beans dish. With pickles, onion and horse radish.


Good & Plenty licorice

Good & Plenty is a brand of licorice candy. …

London drops are a similar candy sold in Finland and Sweden.

I apologize to Good & Plenty, the oldest branded candy in the USA (1893).

In the past I claimed that Twizzlers Licorice Goodies — available only in Canada — were superior.

I’ve learned. I’ve changed. Both are equally good … in their own ways. 🙂

Henry VIII Buffet, Bermuda

Adriana, Pilar and myself enjoyed one of the best buffets we’d ever seen at a quaint, popular restaurant out close to Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.

We were there for hours. The Nepali manager even came over to chat.

Appies: Shrimp, Smoked Salmon, Wasabi, Ginger, etc.
Brisket, Beef Wellington, Onions, etc.
Pork Tenderloin, Bermuda Mac & Cheese

Needless to say, I had Bread Pudding for dessert. At Henry VIII the Bread Pudding get’s an exclusive buffet table. 🙂

Old Spaghetti Factory

Zoe reminded me of some comfort food from my teenage years.


That’s the Pot-Pourri Spaghetti with Meat, Mushroom and Clam Sauce.

Unchanged from the 1970s. Hot Italian Sourdough Bread with Whipped Garlic and Plain Butter; Minestrone Soup or Crisp Green Salad; Spumoni Ice Cream; and Hot Tea or Coffee. $12.55

The first Old Spaghetti Factory restaurant opened at this location in Gastown in 1970. Decor looks to be unchanged as well. You can still dine in a streetcar.


New since my youth are GHOSTS in the Gastown location. 🙂