Cook & Indi’s World Buffet

Glasgow is more expensive than Canada. Tourists have to watch their pence.

Like the last time I visited, I ate one big meal a day at a lunch buffet.

This time Cook & Indi’s was my favourite. All you can eat for US$11.50.

Most of the best food is Indian. But they do have sushi, pizza, pasta, burgers. This keeps kids happy.


Tim Hortons Glasgow

I don’t like Europe.

Too many smokers. Not enough toilets.

Scotland is better than most other nations, however. And it’s gotten at least 1% better IMHO with the opening of 2 Tim Horton’s franchises in Glasgow.

I love Sultana Biscuits

My favourite cookies are most often called Sultana Biscuits.

In Vancouver you can find them in speciality Asian food stores.

Superstore no longer stocks them. Walmart no longer stocks them.

You can buy Sultanas online from But not

I’ll order — in future — from

North Van beach dinner on a perfect evening

Long a tradition of the Shewchuks, who have now spent well over 20 years on the left coast.

It was just me and Rockin’ Ronnie this night.

We picked up some Asian deli food at Osaka Supermarket in the Park Royal mall.

Enjoyed a perfect evening. No wonder Vancouver is so often rated one of the best cities in the world.

cup of tea in the graveyard

I’m coaching and consulting in Bermuda for about 7 weeks.

Most nights when I get home from the Gym I fix myself a cup of Earl Grey … and walk across the street to the graveyard to enjoy the dying of the light.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

That video was taken on my iPhone X smoothed out by my Osmo Mobile 2 gimble.

That auto edit took just seconds on the DJI GO app.