switching from Apple to Google

Jeff Jarvis is one of the most important Google pundits.

He used Apple hardware, Google software.

Until now.


… I have transitioned fully from my iPhone, iPad, and Mac and functioned fully for a few months with Android, Chrome, and services from Gmail to Google Calendar to Google Now to Google Reader on my Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Chromebook and now Chromebook Pixel. …

read more – Living the Google life



He still needs Skype, now owned by Microsoft. And has to switch to Ubuntu to use it.

I’ve still got a few good years left with Apple. Then — like most of their current fans — I’ll be switching over to Google.

There’s no way the locked down Apple platform cam compete against the more open Google platform long term.

Something will make me jump. Perhaps Google Glass. Or an Android device from which I can connect to the internet from anywhere in the wilds of the world.

The main alternative is Microsoft. Pretty cool in 2013.

I’d choke to death on humble pie if ever switching to MS.


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