Rishikesh cons

WikiTravel – Rishikesh, India:

A holy city it may be, but Rishikesh draws more than its fair share of criminals and conmen. Don’t walk around alone at night and beware of the motives of sadhus offering one-on-one tutoring. …

Hindu holy men do come to Rishikesh. But you’re not likely to find them in the main tourist areas.

Most of those are tourist sadhus. In the business of separating tourists from their money. 🙂

This guy got 100 rupees!! ($1.60) from cynical me. 😦

con man Rishikesh

He’s good.

Amazing people skills. Gift of the gab.

Hits on every new Western tourist crossing the Ganges bridge.

Seems I’ve met him about a half dozen times around the world. Tall. Bald. Usually Hari Krishna. Usually in an airport.

This one says he’s Italian Swiss. Been in Rishikesh about 30 years. An itinerant Yoga teacher.

Don’t believe a word he says.

My default is never to do any business on the street.

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