Rishikesh Adventure Sports

For centuries a Holy city, Rishikesh, India is today branding itself as an outdoor Adventure Sports centre. Especially for white water rafting. The Ganges here offers medium to rough rapids rated class 3 and class 4.

Raft Ganges

Bungee jumping was recently introduced, the only leap in India.

I’m here for trekking. But the trekking guides are NOT busy though it’s still high season.

My contact at Red Chili Adventures blames it on the Spring flooding which damaged many of the mountain roads. You can still see the damage here in Rishikesh.

June 2013, Rishikesh
June 2013, Rishikesh

In any case, I hope to survive a 9hr drive over those damaged roads tomorrow. En route to the Kuari Trek. Vistas of Nanda Devi.

I hear most of the flood damage has been cleaned up. In Rishkesh, it’s ongoing.

Sadhu River

damage Ganges

More Rishikesh photos.

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