Maputo, Mozambique

Mozambique is a huge country, twice as long as California.

Tourists mainly visit for the sea. Beautiful beaches and diverse water sports.

I was in Maputo volunteering for the International Gymnastics Federation, my 3-day coaching course hosted at the nation’s main Faculty of Physical Education and Sport.

After it finished, I stayed one extra night with my host Edmundo Ribeiro.

Maputo is considered one of the most interesting and friendly African capitals.

It has a lazy tropical feel yet is scattered with high rise buildings. We took a Sunday afternoon driving tour of the relaxed capital city.




historic fort
historic fort

The beach was packed on a Sunday.



The highlight was a seafood feast at Restaurante Costa do Sol, a “Maputo classic”.



Edmundo’s daughter in a popular city park.




How to finish the day?

ICE CREAM, of course.


Unlike South Africa, affluent citizens are not nearly so conspicuous. You have to search them out. They live here.


I’ve met people who contracted malaria in Maputo. But over 5 days there in March I saw only 2 mosquitoes.

Maputo is infamous for random police checks, especially of tourists. The usual request is for a small bribe in exchange for the return of your passport. Savvy travellers carry, instead, a notarized copy of the passport. And ask to be taken to the police station when stopped.

I was carrying my passport when Edmundo got waived over for a random police check. … As it turned out, the lights were not working on one side of his vehicle. It was not random. After paying a small bribe, we drove on.

It’s less dangerous than JoBurg, overall.

more photos

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