64 words China is blocking

Here’s a good example why you don’t want YOUR government interfering with internet freedom.

天安门: Tiananmen (simplified characters)
坦克: tank
liu四: phonetic for 6-4
六四: 6-4
学潮: campus upheaval
ⅥⅣ: Roman numerals for 6-4
IIXVIIIIX: Roman numbers for 1-9-8-9
Jun 4th
陆肆: an alternative way to write 6-4
天安門: Tiananmen (traditional characters)
五月三十五: May 35, aka June 4
瓶反鹿死: a homophone for ‘redress June 4th’
six四: 6-4
six four
TAM: abbreviation for Tiananmen
王维林: Wang Weilin, alleged “tank man”
春夏之交: Between spring and summer
八九: 89
河殇: River elegy
暴乱: rebellion
维多利亚公园: Victoria Park (site of vigil in Hong Kong)
six quatre: 6-4
Tank Man
VIIIIXVI: Roman numerals for 8-9-6
VIIV: 6-4
工自联: Capital/Beijing Autonomous Workers Federation
广场: Square (or plaza)
戒严: Martial law
缅怀: nostalgia—possible reference to Tiananmen Mothers
平反: Redress; vindicate
维园: Victoria Park
学生领袖: Student leaders
学运: Student movement
高自联: Beijing Autonomous University Students Union
liusi: Six four
自由花: Flower of Freedom
历史的伤口: The wound in history
六si: Six four
六four: Six four
六肆: June 4
八平方: 8 squared (that is, 64)
天an门: Tiananmen
国殇: National war dead
侏儒之歌: Song used in Tiananmen commemorations
61后三天: three days after June 1
民主女神: Goddess of Democracy
8qb4: 8964
三月九十六号: March 96th (June 4)
毋忘阝坴镸聿: Do not forget June 4
2的6次方: 2 to the power of 6 (that is, 64)
小平下令镇压: Deng Xiaoping orders martial law
李鹏: Li Peng
lipeng: Li Peng
六4: 6-4
Blood is on the square
六亖: June 4 coded keyword
黄雀行动: Operation Yellowbird, the Hong Kong movement to help activists leave the mainland
six4: June 4
64事件: June 4 Incident
烛光: candle-lit (vigil)
陆四: June 4 coded keyword
89事件: 1989 event

64 Tiananmen-Related Words China Is Blocking Online Today
By Jason Q. Ng

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