Obama 2nd worst President all time

I was an early fan of Barack Obama. He gave me … HOPE.


His Presidency has been deeply disappointing to me.

Neil Macdonald, CBC News:

Six years after he assumed power, nearly 120 of his promises remain unfulfilled, according to the Pulitzer-prize-winning website Politifact. For example, he promised to “hold accountable” the financial firms whose criminal negligence — let’s dispense with euphemisms — nearly destroyed the economy in 2008.

Obama’s attorney-general eventually decided not to charge a single Wall Street executive, fearing the “collateral consequences” might be too hard on shareholders and office workers who might lose their jobs if a corporate collapse resulted.

Obama also promised a foreclosure prevention fund to protect homeowners threatened by Wall Street’s behaviour, and a law allowing judges to modify people’s mortgages as the vultures descended. Never happened.

Obama has not enacted protections for striking workers, or made it easier to unionize, or required employers to provide at least seven days of paid sick leave per year, all of which he promised.

He has not raised the federal minimum wage. …

CBC – ANALYSIS – How Barack Obama’s presidency has come undone

Nice guy. Could have. Should have done better.

He should have done the opposite of GW Bush, not continued as a weaker version of the same.

He’ll be a far, far better exPresident.


Obamacare was a slight improvement to an extremely expensive and inefficient Health Care system.

He did bring down the deficit GW Bush left him.


He did manage to pull most troops out of the Middle East … and dodged the Red Line bluff in Syria. But the current military adventures in the region will turn out to be a huge mistake.

USA should QUIT the Middle East completely aside from working with Nuclear powers Pakistan and Israel.

Still, he should have gone stronger to the left. Instead, history will judge him a weak Republican.


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One thought on “Obama 2nd worst President all time”

  1. Second worst president? Well I guess that depends on what you are looking at. Disappointing, yes but at least four presidents in my lifetime (about 60 years) would seem to be right up there. Lyndon Johnson (had to deal with the messes started by Kennedy including Vietnam (not to be too disrespectful but Kennedy was another one full of optimism and idealism who remains in most people’s minds as a great president despite narrowly winning the election and only serving for less than 3 years before being assassinated)). Richard Nixon (being a liar and then lying about lying doesn’t make up for opening up China…which really had more to do with Henry Kissinger anyways), Jimmy Carter (another nice guy but only one of two presidents to fail at winning a second term the last 80) and George W. Bush who appears to have bought his way to the Whitehouse and then didn’t appear to have the savvy to know how to run it and ran the country into one of the worst deficit and debt situations ever). Even George H.W. Bush might be considered worse as he is the only other elected president in the last 80 years not to be elected to a second term.

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