paid forward to Carbondale, CO

With  typical lack of research I caught the last ferry from Nanaimo to Tsawwassen. You could ASSume the British Columbia government would require public transport to meet every ferry.

You’d assume wrong. 😦 Public transport meets every ferry except the last one of the day. People get stranded every night.

I found this out by asking the ferry purser. A regular truck driver happened to be standing there at the time. He immediately offered me a ride from the ferry terminal to the Vancouver Sky Train. 🙂

Note to self: pay it forward.

It was after 1am when I got to the elevated platform. With 4 minutes to spare I jumped on the last train. 🙂

4 minutes to spareA couple hours sleep in the airport. Then the easy check-in to the first flight of the day at 6am.

Arriving Denver I had one errand. To send a piece of snail mail. The only post office in that airport was closed for lunch. But a lady waiting in line kindly gave me an American stamp. 🙂

Pay it forward.

Betsy had recommended a new inexpensive bus service out of Denver into the Rocky mountains. The driver sized me up and said: “I believe you might be a Senior”.

I got the discounted old-timer’s fare on the 4th day of the service. 🙂

Pay it forward.

pay it forward


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