Seveneves by Neal Stephenson

Seveneves is a speculative fiction novel by Neal Stephenson, published in 2015. The story tells of the efforts to preserve human society in the wake of apocalyptic events on Earth, following the disintegration of the Moon.

The narrative jumps to 5000 years later. There are now 3 billion humans living in a ring around the Earth, and they have indeed formed into seven races, each one descended from and named after the Seven Eves who survived …

The orbiting races terraform Earth by crashing ice comets into it to replenish the oceans, and seed the planet with genetically created organisms based upon re-sequenced DNA data saved from the escape to orbit. Once a breathable atmosphere is recreated, and sufficient plant and animal species have been reseeded, some members of the orbiting races (“Sooners”) resettle the planet …


This book is either a masterpiece. Or a sprawling mess.

I quit before the end. Too many characters. Too much detail. About as deep as a bird bath. 😦

Not recommended.


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