Travel Insurance for Canadians

I renewed my travel insurance for another year. This still looks the best deal for me. I haven’t made a claim … so I don’t know for sure.

__ original post April 2015:

What’s the best travel insurance for a 57yr-old who spends a good deal of time in the States. And who hikes remote nations?

Year round policies.

Budget backpackers, including myself, have long used World Nomads.

But the last time I went to book with them, there was some sort of weird exclusion for Albertans. 😦

Right now they want CAD$408.45 for 6 months. FAR too expensive.

The best site for Canadians researching the topic is Travel Insurance Review. Click through for a list of options with commentary.

There’s no coverage for anyone over 60 with many policies, including World Nomads. I’ve got a couple of years left.

World Escapade insurance is available to travelers who are 74 years old or younger. Travel CUTS Bon Voyage insurance is only sold to those age-50 or younger.

With my TD Bank account I can get less coverage for 1 year for $128.00. Rather than trying their lousy online system, call 1-866-566-1464.

TD uses Meloche Monnex to handle their insurance. The very inexpensive cost is offset by a deductible on any claim. $100 to $1000 deductible. I’ve never made a claim in the past. Don’t expect to make one in future. But this covers me (partly) for worst case scenarios.

I’ll go with TD Meloche Monnex.


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One thought on “Travel Insurance for Canadians”

  1. Kraig just posted a whole write up on Ripcord insurance and is WAY impressed with them! I don’t know about prices though… we may try them for ExpAk!

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