New Balance 1260 v5

Having once again misplaced my indoor Gymnastics coaching shoes, I bought another pair at New Balance Montreal.

Ex$pen$ive at over C$200 including tax.

But I love New Balance 4E. It’s the widest I’ve found from any brand.

These days I want as much cushioning as I can get. This shoe is good for road and trail running. So far I’m happy with the purchase.



what I did on my Summer vacation

I’m actually working a lot this summer. Gymnastics video editing. Gymnastics clinics and camps. I won’t get free until mid-September.

But I did get a week in a rent-a-car doing some of the best hikes Squamish to Pemberton. Those trip reports over on my hiking blog.

Rick atop the Elfin Lakes Gargoyles

ChicoBag light weight travel pack

I carry this for shopping. Especially for cycling to the grocery store. US$29.99 on Amazon.

I bring it along when I travel to have easier options for short trips.

There are lighter packs, I should add. The ChicoBag does not fit in your pocket.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

my new Vixia HF R700 camcorder

I bought an older model camcorder (February 2016) because of the price. Around $200.

I want zoom. 57x is more than I’ll ever need.

Photos at 2.07 Megapixels (1920 x 1080).

No Wi-Fi.

It’s tiny. I can carry it on my hip. And on the trail. 

Canon – VIXIA HF R700

I’m just now debating whether to video in AVCHD 60fps or MP4 60fps?

I want slow motion for Gymnastics.
Or … does it matter if later being uploaded to YouTube anyway?
Watch a VIDEO review.

Antalya, Turkey

My favourite photo from Antalya.

Antalya is the fifth most populous city in Turkey and the capital of its eponymous province. Located on Anatolia‘s flourishing southwest coast bordered by the Taurus Mountains. …

Antalya is Turkey’s biggest international sea resort, located on the Turkish Riviera. … A record 12.5 million tourists passed through the city in 2014. …

In 2015, the population was 2.288 million but it feels small city to the tourist staying in the ancient walled city, Kaleiçi;.

Myself and the rest of the very happy tourists enter and exit most often via Hadrian’s Gate.

Hadrian visited this outpost in 130.

I stayed only two nights my first visit prepping for a week long hike along the coast.

On my return I had more time to enjoy the sights.

They love statuary.

Atatürk on May Day. Plenty of police.

Evening walks are lovely.

Everyone who’s been to Antalya can recommend it. It’s very tourist friendly.

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