Rio – Sugarloaf at dusk

The weather still overcast, I thought I’d do this mandatory Rio tourist attraction at dusk, my favourite time of the day. Then stay to see the lights.


There are two cable cars with at stop in-between.


You can actually hike to the top of the first hill, but would need a guide and mountain climbing equipment for the second. Cost is the same whether or not you hike – $22 in 2016.

reveillon-2013-morro-da-urca-estrutura-foto-mariana-vianna-4620 reveillon-2013-morro-da-urca-estrutura-foto-mariana-vianna-4614

more photos

The cableway was envisioned by the engineer Augusto Ferreira Ramos in 1908 who sought support from well-known figures of Rio’s high society to promote its construction. Opened in 1912, it was only the third cableway to be built in the world. …

… In 1951, an accident occurred in which one of the two cables snapped, leaving 22 people dangling on one cable. One mechanic aboard, Augusto Goncales, climbed out and slithered down to Urca station and helped to build an emergency car to go back up and rescue the other passengers, 12 women and girls, 6 men and 3 children, in an event which took about 10 hours …

related – interactive map


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