cycling Rio

Rio is a city where you can pick up and drop off bright orange bikes all over town. As is often the case, tourists can’t use those without a fairly complicated registration process. 😦

Instead it’s easy to rent for $3 / hour from independent companies.

Arriving first time I found a big chunk of Copacabana fenced off. Some Olympic installation will be put in there, but I’m not sure what. Something to do with Beach Volleyball, I assume.


Weather was lousy most of my tourists days.



Still, it was plenty warm enough to cycle.


Of course I immediately I headed in the direction of the fallen bridge. This was as far as I could go.


This 3.9km bike path opened January 17th at a cost of $44.7. It was built by a company called Concremat.

Fatal Bike Path Collapse Casts Shadow on Rio Games 😦

Now everyone is worried about all the other new Olympic construction. It’s not easy to build roads or bike trails in this rugged geography.

One upside of bad weather is that promenades and trails were much less busy than usual.



When the drizzle lets up, people returned quickly.


There’s plenty to do and see along the beaches. Here’s a glimpse.




I’m not much of a beach bum. But if you like this kind of thing, you’ll love Rio.






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