cycling Montevideo, Uruguay

In most Spanish speaking nations I would call this a malecón. A stone-built embankment or esplanade along a waterfront.

The Rambla of Montevideo is the avenue that goes all along the coastline of MontevideoUruguay … 

… over 13.7 uninterrupted miles (22.2 km) …

Tourists in Montevideo see the sights by walking, running or cycling. Cycling is best. There’s much to see along the Rambla.

I rented a cheap bike from the hostel one day. Two hours out I got a flat. One hour 20 minutes walking back.

Another day I rented a GOOD bike from the leading rental company. $10 / 4 hours. No flat.

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I’ll coddiwomple to Patagonia

Goodbye winter. Average temperature in Mendoza, Argentina in January is 26°C (79°F).

Did I hear something about Malbec

I fly to Santiago today. Looking for the best hiking and cycling I can find.

Coddiwomple (v.): to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination

NEW – The Adventure Podcast

Dave Adlard and Kraig Becker have launched an audiocast called The Adventure Podcast.

For years Kraig has been my main source of news on outdoor adventure on his site called The Adventure Blog.

He and Dave are co-hosting an extension of that site with a weekly online radio show.

Both are gear nuts. From episode 1 they’ve already convinced me I NEED two products:

The new Omni smart helmet. Indegogo.

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And a Dji spark drone.

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Check out the podcast here.

Chile January 2018

If all goes well I’ll be headed for Patagonia via Chile in January. I was last there February 2015.

Goal will be hiking, cycling and kayaking during the South American summer.

Lonely Planet named Chile their #1 travel destination for 2018.

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Chile is far from perfect. Here are all the things I don’t like about the nation.

I may be spending more time on the Argentinian side this time.