Micayla Gatto – artist and cyclist

The video editor is crazy talented.

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I’m an Ironfan

I was in and out of Whistler all week in the lead up to the Ironman race.

For about an hour I watched finishers and those in transition. Inspiring for sure.

… 3,000 endurance athletes to the corridor — about 60 per cent of whom come from outside the country — which is up from last year. …

Ironman descends upon Whistler for fifth year

Ironman contract renewed until 2020

Whistler agrees to continue hosting duties despite lack of support from Pemberton

AV Log Train Trail, Port Alberni

I finally rode some of the 26 km Log Train Trail, perhaps the most popular out of Port Alberni, B.C.

Tourist information gave me a map. One of the trailheads is nearby off Mozart road.

The trail’s history dates back to the early 1900s when it was originally constructed as a railway line to service the Bainbridge Mill, which operated from 1917 to 1927. …

Some of the timbers were close to 90 feet long and four feet square, requiring three rail cars for transport. …

When the mill closed the railway was abandoned, only to be re-opened and extended in 1937 when timber rights to the Ash River area, further out the Alberni valley, were purchased by logging giant H.R. MacMillan. …

The railroad was abandoned a final time in 1953 when logging trucks became the preferred mode of transporting the area’s bountiful timber harvests.

… Walkers and hikers, cyclists, equestrians, joggers and mountain bike enthusiasts all make good use of the trail.

Vancouver Island Beyond Victoria

mountain biking Paskapoo Slopes, Calgary

Over the years I’ve done hundreds of runs and bikes on Paskapoo Slopes.

cycling 2009

Locals feared encroachment would ruin the area for recreational use. In 2017 the bottom section is all torn up, under construction.

But the best of the cycling trails are still there.

These are separate from the Downhill Trails next door at Canada Olympic Park.

I also enjoyed cycling the other side of the river near Baker Park.

looking back over the river to Canada Olympic Park
original Trans Canadian Railway bridge

I hadn’t cycled here in many years. These trails are superb.

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ChicoBag light weight travel pack

I carry this for shopping. Especially for cycling to the grocery store. US$29.99 on Amazon.

I bring it along when I travel to have easier options for short trips.

There are lighter packs, I should add. The ChicoBag does not fit in your pocket.

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