stop North Korea

More needs to be done. Imagine a world where Drumpf – and this even worse egomaniac – both have access to nuclear weapons. 😦

… On Mr Obama’s watch the nuclear-weapons and missile programme of North Korea has become steadily more alarming. Its nuclear missiles already threaten South Korea and Japan. Sometime during the second term of Mr Obama’s successor, they are likely also to be able to strike New York. Mr Obama put North Korea on the back burner. Whoever becomes America’s next president will not have that luxury. …

North Korea is thought to have a stockpile of around 20 devices. Every six weeks or so it adds another. …

A nuclear nightmare

It is past time for the world to get serious about North Korea’s nuclear ambitions

North Korea

Ideally the world would strike a deal with North Koreans who want Kim gone. Depose him for better leadership.


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