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aftermath of Orlando

WHEN (xxxx) killed 49 people in a gay nightclub in Orlando on June 12th, did he commit the bloodiest mass shooting in modern American history, the worst ever attack on gay Americans or the deadliest act of Islamist terrorism since 9/11?

… the answer seems obvious: the attack was all three of these things.

It was also an early test of how a President Trump might handle a crisis if elected in November. One of the finest moments of George W. Bush’s presidency was when he went to an Islamic centre six days after 9/11 and issued a call for tolerance and unity. Mr Trump’s first thought was to exploit the shooting to score a point:

Trump on Orlando

Psychopaths lack empathy. The Donald is a clinical psychopath.

No matter what happens, he only thinks of himself. 😦

… the shooting shows that America has a unique vulnerability to lone-wolf attacks because of its gun laws. In France two people were killed the day after the Florida attacks by a man who claimed inspiration from IS. He wielded a knife. Armed with an assault-rifle and a semi-automatic pistol he could have killed many more. In America (xxxx) was able to walk into a local gun store and buy everything he needed to kill or wound 102 people, without breaking any law.

Economist – Aftermath of a tragedy

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2 thoughts on “aftermath of Orlando”

  1. France does not have the NRA, and some of the strictest gun laws on the planet, yet they had more gun deaths by Islamics than the US this year. Getting rid of guns will not solve this, and unfortunately, there will probably be more attacks motivated by religious hate in the future. This guy was a security guard and so has privileges to buy guns. He was born in the US, and then became radicalized. What happens when more of these kooks start popping up in the police force, fire departments, military, and schoolrooms and have access to large crowds and weapons, not even necessarily guns. We are killing ourselves with inclusion and diversity, and Islam has a long way to go to become a peaceful religion. On the other side of the argument, how would you feel if your country was repeatedly invaded by US forces and your citizens killed by US made bombs? Of course you would try to fight back as much as you can, and to increase the intensity of those attacks. This will probably take a long time to stop from happening.

    1. Thanks Nick. A good summary of the dilemma.

      The Orlando attack was lone wolf. But in Europe there truly are networks of terrorist trained and funded jihadists. (I expect those are still coming to the USA.)

      If my town was bombed, I’d likely join the Canadian resistance. As would most people.

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