5 common pro-gun arguments, all of which crumble under scrutiny

The National Rifle Association and its allies have their post-shooting routine down cold.

They wait a day or two and then respond with a blistering array of attacks against gun-safety advocates calling for reform. No matter what the circumstances — a husband and wife at a Christmas party, a deranged teenager at a movie theater, or a sniper targeting police officers at a peaceful demonstration — they make the same points, which, unsurprisingly, often appear detached from the realities on the ground.

After the attack at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla., they marshaled five common pro-gun arguments, all of which crumble under scrutiny …

LA Times – Op-Ed 5 arguments against gun control — and why they are all wrong

I know the USA is not going to reduce unnecessary deaths by firearms in my lifetime. But I love to point out just how wrongheaded the Gundamentalist arguments are. 😦

gun deaths USA


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