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Chiloé, Chile

Tourists in Chile historically did not want to visit the island of Chiloé (place of seagulls). It rains there 10 months of the year.

Darwin was here for 6 months in 1834. Hated the rain. But did name the Darwin’s fox.

But when the sun shines, it’s beautiful. A bit like Vancouver Island. Both are temperate rain forests.


In many bleak climates people use bright colours. After a few winters they fade and chip. Everything is made of wood.

I’d been interested in Chiloe only because it’s so weird. I hopped on a bus (south) on a whim, actually. And was really happy I did. It’s a very cool and unusual place. And I got good weather.

Castro is the largest city. Fishing — especially salmon farming — is an important industry.

Palafito hostel in Castro opened 2008 putting this city on the backpacker radar for the first time. Comparatively expensive at CAD $34 for a dorm bed, it’s well worth it.

An excellent breakfast, for example.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

A proposed multi-million dollar bridge which would increase tourism is still opposed by many on the island. They value their unique heritage and culture.

The Chacao Channel bridge, also known as Chiloé Bicentennial Bridge, is a planned bridge that is to link the island of Chiloé with mainland Chile crossing the Chacao Channel. …

A new airport was inaugurated in November 2012, 15 km north of provincial capital Castro …

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