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Hard Luck Hank: Prince of Suck

This is book 3 in the series. It’s even funnier than the first two. Laugh out loud.

Hank is not very smart. Yet he skewers both economics and politics most effectively in this book.

Many love Hank. Yet the author is still self-published. You have to buy Steven Campbell books online. About 95% of his sales are eBook. Audio is better, in my opinion, as his reader is superb.

An increasingly crippled Hank struggles to keep the various factions of Belvaille in check after the collapse of the Colmarian Confederation.

Hank, as Supreme Kommilaire and Secretary of City, has several hundred police to try and maintain order among the millions of inhabitants on the space station while simultaneously preparing for Belvaille’s first ever election. He thinks it is an impossible task.

Every year the city, and even the galaxy, falls further into chaos as he himself succumbs to the debilitating effects of his mutation. With economic turmoil everywhere, a dirty election in the works, and the galaxy’s foremost assassin hunting him, Hank has to decide if he can save Belvaille. Or if it’s even worth saving.


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