traveling to the Lofoten Islands above the Arctic Circle

A couple of weeks have passed since I left Norway. I’m now in hot Morocco.

But what sticks most in my mind are the Lofoten Islands. I’d highly recommend you add this unique destination to your travel bucket list.

Here were my first impressions.

Finally made it to this unique, fascinating destination.

Å (the town) is located towards the southern end of the Lofoten archipelago.

I arrived there first, starting at the beginning. Later I learned Å is actually the LAST letter of the Norwegian alphabet.

arriving via ferry from Bodo

Raining and late, I decided to get a hostel room (in the museum) rather than tent.

Needing to eat, I ended up with a gourmet salmon dinner at the only restaurant open late Sunday night.

Next morning I wandered about enjoying the quirky, end of the road fishing village.

Why do people live on the Lofoten Islands?

Stockfish (mostly cod) and now tourism. Massive annual harvests here were historically dried on racks for export to nations including Portugal and Italy.

Stockfish is a staple of Nigerian cuisine too. And they like the fish heads in Nigerian cooking.

Like many other places in traditional Norway, sod roofs are popular here.

Until the late 19th century, it was the most common roof on rural log houses in Norway and large parts of the rest of Scandinavia. …

… it helps to compress the logs and make the walls more draught-proof.

In winter the total load may well increase to 400 or 500 kg per m² because of snow.

Sod is also a reasonably efficient insulator in a cold climate. The birch bark underneath ensures that the roof will be waterproof.

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